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JPS Business College and Nippon Project Management Office Association (NPMO) Co-sponsored Project Management Open Training

Project Management Institute(PMI)認定トレーニングパートナー(Authorized Training Partner : ATO)のロゴ


This open training course is eligible for PDU issuance; PMP® qualified candidates may earn 8 PDUs(Ways of Working) by attending this training course. 

About Project Management Open Training

“Improvement of productivity is determined by arrangements!”

Benefits of learning the scientific method of project management

Project management is often thought of as a skill in the IT or large-scale infrastructure fields, but in fact, it is a very useful skill for many business people, regardless of industry or business type. In business, it is always required to create and provide value to society and organizations. In this value creation process, the three key elements of "Goal Setting," "Planning," and "Executing" are important. 


The scientific approach (knowledge & skills) of project management is of course necessary for project managers and project leaders who lead projects, but more than that, it is a skill that is needed by those who are about to take on new challenges. 


We provide content that can be applied to actual work and projects after attending the training course, since participants can learn knowledge in classroom lectures, experience project management through case studies, and practice what they have learned.


The scientific approach to project management and unique theory backed up by extensive project experience.

Clear and ultra-practical training contents that condense the essence of project management. 


Our training program is chosen because it takes you from "knowing" to "being able to do". 

  1. To focus on and clarify unclear goals.
  2. To acquire the ability to work backward from the final goal.
  3. To acquire the ability to execute and to correct the situation when it differs from reality.

If you are facing challenges in setting goals, planning, or executing a project or your own business, or if you want to improve your skills, please take advantage of our open training courses on project management.   

Project Management Open Training Schedule

Date & Time:Friday, September 22, 2023 9:30~18:30 (1 hour lunch break)

Application Deadline

As a rule, the deadline for applications is one week before the event date.

Friday, September 15, 2023

Participation Fee

JPY 51,700 (tax included)


*Including textbooks and teaching materials     

*Please note that no cancellations or refunds will be accepted after your payment is made. 

Application and Payment Method

Please click either "Click here to apply" and then send the application form and complete the payment procedure. Application form is required to submit.


For any of the payment methods below, please proceed from the purchase cart "Buy Now" on the dedicated application page. 

  • Bank Transfer
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  • Credit Card Payment 


  • We do not accept refunds of fees paid or cancellations due to customers not being able to participate because of personal circumstances.
  • Please note that bank transfer fees are the responsibility of the customer.
  • We can issue an invoice for corporate transfers. If you wish to receive an invoice, please select "Bank Transfer" from the "Buy Now" cart in the order cart, then check the "Invoice" box on the application form, enter the address for the invoice, and send the application form. You will receive the invoice in PDF format by an automatic e-mail within 3-5 minutes after submitting the application form.
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Target Audience

  • Those who want to improve their business skills (individuals), those who are trying new things.
  • Those who have problems with the project.
  • Project managers, project leaders and team members involved in projects.
  • Companies that want to have several people attend the training.
  • Person in charge of human resources and education at a company
  • PMP® qualified person: You can acquire 8 PDU (Ways of Working) by attending this training (we will issue a certificate of completion)


 16 people


* Minimum number of participants is 5 people. If the number of applicants is less than 5, we will transfer to another event.


Holding Method

All sessions will be held by online, and training will be conducted using “Zoom”.


**An invitation e-mail will be sent to all participants one week before the event. Please be sure to check the email by the day before the event to confirm the information on screen operation and recommended environment.

Precautions when Taking Online Classes

All Project Management Open Training will be held by online, so please be sure to check the following before applying.

  • Please make sure to take the course on a PC.
    Due to the use of various tools for group work, we ask that participants refrain from using tablets and smartphones.
  • We recommend the latest versions of the following four types of browsers:
    - Google Chrome
    - Mozilla Firefox
    - Microsoft Edge
    - Apple Safari
    *Internet Explorer is NOT recommended as it may not be possible to access training materials. 
  • If you consider to take the course in an environment other than the above, please contact us using the inquiry form at the bottom of this page Before Applying.

Project Management Open Training Application Flow

  1. Please click either "Click here to apply" , and then send the application form and make payment.
  2. For both credit card payment and bank transfer, proceed with the procedure by clicking the "Buy Now" button in the purchase cart.
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  3. Once we confirm your payment and submission of the application form, we will send you a separate confirmation email.
  4. An email will be sent to participants one week prior to the open training.
    *We do not issue attendance tickets. We will replace the admission ticket with the information email sent before the event.

Note:We do not accept any cancellations after your application form is submitted. Please note that you will be obligated to pay the course fee once you submit your application form.


In the unlikely event that you are unable to attend after submitting the application form and payment of the course fee, please make arrangements for another participant to attend the class for which you have applied or make up the class for another class held during the fiscal year. Please understand that we will not be able to refund any fees due to cancellations.


●If you need an invoice/receipt: 

Please check the appropriate boxes on the application form and submit.

  • Invoice: You will receive an invoice in PDF format by an automatic email within 3 to 5 minutes after submitting your application form.
  • Receipt: After we confirm your payment, we will send you a separate receipt in PDF format to your e-mail address.

We promote e-documentation and provide receipts and invoices in PDF format. The data contains a company seal of Japan Project Solutions, Inc. and is provided as official data, so please print the PDF data if you need the original.


Project Management Open Training for English|英語版 実践型プロジェクトマネジメント公開研修


This is the English version of the Practical Project Management Open Training. We provide the minimum knowledge & skills required for practical project management in an easy-to-understand manner.


*Prices include tax

Prices include tax


Curriculum (Part)

  • Understanding the essence of project/project management
  • Understanding of project management phases (we call them “Stages”) and acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills for each phase
  • Understanding the competencies that are critical to project success
    - Future goal setting technique
    - Step-by-step “DANDORI” (Planning) technique
    - Maneuvering (Making a course correction) execution and correction technique
  • Knowledge and usage skills of extremely important tools for project success
    - Project Vision Sheet (Visualization of Project Purpose)

    - Project Charter (Visualization of Project Purpose)
    - WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)
    - Gantt Chart (Work Schedule)
    - RACI Chart (Responsibility Assignment Matrix)
    - Cost Management Table
    - Risk Management Table
    - Project Closure Report 

Lecture method and tools for use

  • Interactive and participatory training method with participants
  • Usable tools
    - Textbooks

    - Project management experiential business game (for group work)
    - Project management case studies (for group work)
    - Project management tools (MS Excel sheets for practical use)


Project Management Open Training is delivered by internationally certified professionals with a wealth of project management experience. In addition to classroom lectures, we will also provide the "secrets of project success" and the "secrets of productivity improvement" through interactive interactions, hands-on work, and group work using case studies.

Insights®Discovery 担当ファシリテーター 北山明孝の画像

Saori Fukuhata

  • Nippon Project Management Office Association Certified PMO-S (★★)

Business Career

  • System Integrator company/Helpdesk 
  • Project Management company (JPS)/Project Management Office


Project Experience/Career

  • As a Helpdesk at a system integrator company, supported overseas users and Japanese users both to use a system.
  • As a project management office at a project management company (JPS), support task management, issue lists, WBS, Gantt chart and RACI chart. 

Inquiry for Project Management Open Training

If you have any questions about Project Management Open Training, please use the inquiry form below. We will contact you within 2 business days after confirming the content with the person in charge.


**There is No auto-reply email after submitting the form. 

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